Monday, March 24, 2014

321/984 - Potato and chive cakes

We needed a potato dish to go with our wonderful Spanish lamb the other night and I thought this would be a great way to use up some more of our beautiful garlic chives.

I decided to cook these as individual serves using metal egg rings rather than making one big cake. I used the thermomix rather than the food mill to shred the potato and so ended up with a much smoother texture than was probably intended. It was much simpler though!

Blended with butter and egg yolks, the potato tasted amazing before it was even baked. Only twenty minutes in the oven turned these little cakes into golden discs, which made delicious eating and were a great match for the lamb. I couldn't help following the last portion of the recipe with just one, drizzling it with melted butter and some more chives. I happily donated it to my little one who has been known as butter boy ever since I can remember due to his obsession with the golden stuff. 

This is a great and simple way to make a potato side just that little bit more interesting...and to use up flourishing herbs!

Our lovely garlic chives

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