Saturday, March 22, 2014

320/984 - Spanish-style marinating paste for lamb

We love lamb rump and tonight I discovered yet another way to make it taste fabulous!

I chose thyme over basil to include in this paste and was pleased to see that it is still going great guns in the garden. Also included was some amazing garlic from Angelica Organic, pink Murray River salt, sweet paprika and the juice of a lemon. 

I decided to make the paste the old-fashioned way tonight (mainly because the thermomix was dirty!) and dragged out the mortar and pestle which did a fine job of combining the ingredients, leaving enough lumps and bumps so as to keep the texture interesting. 

I only marinated the meat for thirty minutes because we were all hungry, but I don't think this affected the taste at all. The best part about the result was the tang from the lemon which I will be honest, I never would have thought to include.  

Fabulous! Loved this. As I told my husband tonight, there is just no place in the world for bland meat. 

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