Sunday, March 16, 2014

319/984 - Date scones

I love scones. Ever since I was small and my Mum would make scones that we ate still warm from the oven, I have adored them. My favourite variety is still cheese and onion but goodness me these came in a very close second! In fact I think I will name these my favourite sweet scones. 

Mum always stressed to me the importance of not over-handling the scone dough, and so I was tossing up whether I could use the thermomix to put these together. In the end I decided to give it a go, using the appropriate setting to mix the final dough. I mixed until the liquid had been absorbed, then tipped it out, bringing it together gently with my hands. The fact that these were cut into squares meant even less handling, as opposed to stamping out circles and having to put the scraps back together to make the final few. 

I also ground my nutmeg in the thermomix, but was worried that the few small pieces that didn't quite grind would be a problem. The result was the opposite, with the taste of the nutmeg being the highlight of this little treat. Freshly ground nutmeg is definitely a must for these, as well as raw sugar which I think is a zillion times nicer than any other sweetener.  

As the scones were in the oven baking I asked Trev if he would like one when they came out. "With a coffee?" he asked. "Yes I would!" 


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