Thursday, April 10, 2014

324/984 - Darina Allen's quick soda bread

I wonder if there is a type of bread I have not made?

One of the things I like about making bread is the lovely feel of the soft dough in my hands. Pastry provides me the same sensation as does any biscuit making that involves squishing or rolling into balls. While this bread is definitely easy and super quick to make, I did not enjoy the sticky dough and the way it clung to my hands! First world problem I know...

I actually did all of the mixing and kneading in the thermomix, buzzing the dough for about a minute. I sometimes think of my life pre and post thermomix purchase and wonder how many hours of my life I wasted in the kitchen before; kneading, chopping and battling with blenders that just did not want to play ball. For a sometimes cook it is probably an exorbitant purchase but I truly think mine has paid for itself twice over in two years. 

As instructed, I cut a cross in my bread "to let the fairies out" which made it look like a very large hot cross bun. (Note to self: make a batch of hot cross buns!)

The result? Fabulous! Somewhere between bread and a scone and wonderful with a smear of butter.

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