Tuesday, April 22, 2014

331/984 - Marinated mussels

Mussels on a Monday night? Yes please!

We bought these on the weekend from Western Port mussels and while I almost gave in to Trev's request and cooked these with chorizo (our favourite combination!), I thought I would try marinating them which seemed a little bit healthier. 

I decided that if I was going to marinate the mussels then I didn't really need to add anything to the wine when I steamed them. To be honest I was being a bit lazy but I still thought my logic was sound. The mussels went into the pan to steam (after a rigorous de-bearding session!), and then I popped them all out of their shells and mixed them with good olive oil, spring onions, beautiful Australian Harvest horseradish vinegar and almost a whole bunch of chopped curly leaf parsley. 

I let this sit for a bit and then we added them to piles of rocket on our plates. We ate this alongside raw vegetables and for a touch of decadence, a chunk of "Fermier" cheese from L'Artisan Organic Cheese Timboon which if you look closely you can spy peeping out from behind my little pile of rocket. Who said good cheese had to be eaten after a meal? 

A very satisfying dinner indeed.

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