Sunday, April 13, 2014

328/984 - Tea-smoked quail

Who knew tea-smoking would be so easy? 

I almost did something that destroyed this recipe, thinking that "one cup of oolong tea" meant a brewed cup of tea! Luckily I came to my senses and added a cup of dried tea to the smoking mixture. I guess steamed smoky quail may also have worked, but in a completely different, and possible a bit of a weird way.

As it was this recipe turned out beautifully, although our wok was clearly not as hot as it should have been, my little quail requiring double the allocated time in the makeshift smoker.

I cooked the quail until the meat was slightly undercooked in the middle and it was absolutely fabulous. We ate half a quail each and we were all surprised at how long it took to eat all of the meat off the tiny little bones. 

Jules was thrilled holding his little quail drumstick and pretending he was a giant eating a chicken leg. It's dinner and a show at my house! 

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