Monday, April 21, 2014

330/984 - Erna's red cabbage with apple

This cabbage was bought with a lovely fresh, raw salad in mind....but then I found this! 

I halved this recipe and the amount was enough for four people with leftovers. I realised (too late) that we didn't have any cider vinegar and so instead used our beautiful organic horseradish vinegar from Australian Harvest for the final stage of cooking. The result was fantastic and I plan to make the same substitution when I marinate our mussels for dinner tonight (stay tuned for the post!).

This rounded out a lovely healthy dinner of chicken poached in master stock, feta, cucumber, tomato and grated carrot with lemon juice.

The only complaint was from Trev who contested the apple to carrot ratio...until he realised I had loaded most of the apples onto my own plate. 


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