Sunday, June 1, 2014

338/984 - Pine forest mushrooms with garlic, cream and parsley

I was busy planning a dinner party menu when my local organic store announced on Facebook that they were to receive a load of locally foraged wild pine forest mushrooms. 

I have always wondered where on earth I was going to find the mushrooms for this recipe and so excitedly added it to my dinner party menu, hoping the store would still have some in stock when I went in. 

I have mentioned before that on the day of my dinner parties I send Trev out to shop. What I didn't mention is that he is very resistant to entering what is probably the busiest organic shop on earth at peak shopping hour. Enter my lovely retired stepfather. One phone call later and I knew that the collection of said mushrooms was in safe hands. No doubt this sounds very lazy on my part, but I had lots of cooking to do! 

The mushrooms arrived covered in dirt and pine needles. I gently cleaned the six I required for dinner with a paper towel and a soft pastry brush which took a-a-a-g-e-s but I finally got there. I even fried up a little one as a tester to make sure there was no locked in grit I had missed. I was pleased to note the wonderful flavour, even without salt, pepper or garlic. 

On the night of the dinner party these were sliced at the last minute and cooked in garlic, cream and parsley. I loved the taste and will definitely be heading back for more when they are available. Stay tuned for a post of the soup I made with the remainder! Yum...

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