Saturday, June 7, 2014

339/984 - Coconut custards

This was definitely not a Masterchef moment... The custards had trouble coming out and weren't the prettiest thing I have ever seen, but they tasted great!

I brushed the moulds with coconut oil which may have had something to do with my custards getting wedged inside. When I finally coaxed them onto the plates, they were topped with berry coulis and a few tiny basil leaves. Also on the plate were some smashed date balls and a coconut tuile, which could have been made a little daintier but also tasted lovely. 

The date balls were my best ones yet and while I am probably forgetting some ingredients they included; dates, dried figs, cardamom, cloves, almonds, goji berries, white chia seeds and wheatgerm. Loved the freshness of the cardamom! Somebody asked me why I keep both white and black chia seeds in my spice drawer and I told them the truth; I use whichever one will look prettiest with the recipe! Black to go in breads and white to offset things such as these dark little date balls.  

I will definitely make these custards again, loving the sweetness of the palm sugar with the coconut. A bit awkward in the plating but otherwise a winner.

Date balls with sparkly white chia seeds

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