Thursday, June 12, 2014

340/984 - Tom's mushroom soup

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to acquire some foraged pine forest mushrooms from my local organic store, Terra Madre.

The mushrooms were served at a recent dinner party using Stephanie's recipe that married these lovely things with garlic, cream and parsley. Not wanting to waste the remainder of my purchase (we bought quite a lot!), I decided to use them in Tom's mushroom soup.

The first batch of mushrooms I cooked with were gently cleaned with a pastry brush and a wet paper towel to ready them for frying. Given this lot were to be used in a soup I decided to unceremoniously dump them in a bowl of water to wash away the debris. A much faster process and it did the job!

I adored the flavour the pine mushrooms added to this recipe, adding an earthy twang to what would I think would already have been a fabulous concoction. 

It's difficult to see the grated nutmeg over the top in this picture (brown on brown!), but its addition to the soup was amazing. Now I am interested to make this with recipe with everyday mushrooms to see if it is still wonderful.

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