Friday, February 6, 2015

413/1038 - Fast pasta sauce with rosemary and meat juices

My youngest has been at me since late last year to buy him a thermos so that he might take the occasional hot lunch to school. I finally came through with the goods and he put in a request for a pasta lunch for the inaugural hot lunch event. 

We had a builder doing some work for us yesterday and so I needed to be on hand for questions and issues. I decided that a day of cooking was in order so that I might be busy but also available. Many racks of pasta later, I settled on this lovely and simple sauce to finish it off. I didn't have any meat juices available and so used reduced chicken stock instead which worked very well. 

Chock full of garlic, this one is definitely going to make an impression on classmates and the unlucky teacher today! My mini foodie also requested that the grated parmesan be packaged seperately, so that he might add it with a flourish. What a cutie. 

With so much buttery goodness, I just loved this dish. Of course my hand cut pasta might have helped the finished product! It definitely made me want to utilise our blooming rosemary bush more often, reminding me just how fabulous it tastes.

Mother of the year award is definitely back on track x


  1. What's not to love? My kids want pasta just about every day. Yours looks fantastic!

    1. Thank you! I do love making pasta, such a meditative process and of course it tastes delicious x