Wednesday, February 25, 2015

423/1038 - White bean purée

I have some friends coming for dinner on Sunday night and have been fiddling around with menu options for the last few days. One of my guests is loosely following the Wahls protocol, and so is currently avoiding gluten, dairy and sugar. 

Determined to include her in the bread eating, I am testing out some gluten free bread recipes to find one that tastes lovely and is also healthy. This was my first attempt which, after an initial surprise at the taste, I have come to quite like. The recipe is Cat Elliott's and is worth a try for anybody who does not tolerate gluten well. 

I am going to have a play with this recipe to aim for a bread that is not quite as sweet. In particular I am keen to try it sans honey and cinnamon and perhaps with some extra buckwheat instead of the coconut flour. I did love the texture of this bread though, which slices very smoothly like cake! The boys are not big fans, and I have been petitioned by the three of them to please abstain from including this bread in their lunchboxes in future. Message received. 

My new topping of choice is white bean purée, which is full of flavour thanks to the garlic and rosemary. It is wonderful spread thickly and topped with pepper and olive oil. I also served this with dinner the other night; in an artful smudge underneath a pork and apple sausage. Another great combination. 

Don't mind me...I am off to bake some more bread! Wish me luck x

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