Thursday, February 12, 2015

416/1038 - Chicken liver pâté

Lying in bed the other night it suddenly struck me that we had used the last of the bread and I hadn't made a fresh loaf for lunches the following day. I decided that the only solution was to set my alarm to go off earlier than usual and to make a soda bread in the morning. I did some quick calculations and decided that I could get the bread to cool by the time the kids had to leave for school. 

Later in the day I was thrilled I had made this fresh bread as my lovely pâté was finished and crying out for something to be spread on, The idea for making this pâté was sparked by a trip to my Mum's place on the weekend. Her partner had just made his own batch, and asked if I wanted his leftover livers, given that the butcher had snuck an extra half kilo into his bag. Don't you just love it when butchers do that?  

Such a quick recipe, the part that took the longest was pushing the mixture through the sieve to catch any sinews that remained. The boys love pâté and my youngest was keen to lick the spoon as I worked. I did double check that he realised it was made with liver and not chocolate and he assured me that he was still very keen to have a taste. A taste which turned into a heaped spoonful! Amazing kid. 

I was positive I had all of the required ingredients for the recipe and was shocked when I couldn't find any brandy in the cupboard. Then I remembered all of the egg nog we made at Christmas time... I spied the Cognac and wondered if it might be a good alternative. Off to Google I went to have a look, where I discovered that Cognac IS brandy! Who knew? Probably most people, but not being much of a spirit drinker, I was thrilled with my discovery. 

Cooking AND learning. Surely that's what this is all about x

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