Wednesday, February 18, 2015

420/1038 - Saffron and onion roast lamb

We do love a good roast lamb and this one was a beauty! 

I used a boned leg instead of fillets for this recipe and so the cooking time was an hour rather than fifteen minutes which was actually fabulous because it gave me the opportunity to bake some potatoes and beetroot alongside. 

Instead of rice, I decided to pair our roast with a little pile of quinoa, which we flavoured with the juices from the roasting pan. 

There was a quick call to my Mum on the morning of this meal, checking if she had some spare sumac. Of course she did and there was a special sumac delivery at my house only hours after the call. What service! 

There were plenty of leftovers which I used in a stir-fry with fresh noodles the following night. Sounds like a strange match but it worked well. Particularly with loads of leftover parsley and sumac included. 

Yum x

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