Sunday, February 8, 2015

414/1038 - Oysters rockefeller

Our friends with the wonderful garden came through for us again, offering us the opportunity to purchase freshly caught oysters at a very low price. I immediately put up my hand for three dozen, knowing that I would have no problem putting them to good use. 

It was very exciting to receive our special delivery, and of course the first thing I did was to consult The Cook's Companion to see how they would be best used. We ate a couple with only a squeeze of lemon, but to be honest they were a tiny bit salty for my liking. This of course appeased any guilt I was harbouring with regard to cooking these incredibly fresh little babies. 

This was the first time we had purchased oysters that were yet to be shucked, and I will admit to having to resort to youtube for a quick lesson! It is a tricky little process, and one made much more difficult without the proper equipment (read: oyster knife) on hand. I got quite good at it by the end of the third dozen; gardening glove on for protection and Swiss army knife in hand.

I have cooked oysters many different ways over the years, but rockefeller blew our socks off. Even my little one, not an oyster lover, declared them "delicious" and much to my dismay, unexpectedly ate his entire share of the spoils.

With an amazingly creamy sauce offset by crunchy breadcrumbs, we were temporarily transported to oyster heaven while eating these.

Ever so highly recommended x

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