Monday, February 16, 2015

418&419/1038 - Zucchini chips with beer batter

I made these little chips to go with a roast lamb for dinner tonight. Most nights I insist on having greens on the plate at dinner time but these are not exactly the healthy option I usually have in mind!  

When I was young there was a GIO commercial that saw a lady deep frying chips. She was called away to the telephone and while she was gone, the chips caught fire and burned down the kitchen. My sister and I used to be highly amused that instead of "Oh my goodness, the kitchen!", she came in and said, "Oh my goodness, the chips!". Forgive me, I was eleven at the time and clearly very easily amused.

The reason I bring up the commercial is that I was almost in this situation today, walking out of the kitchen and getting caught up reading an article, completely forgetting that I had put the oil on to heat. When I finally remembered and rushed back in, the temperature reading was off the scale and I had to remove the pot from the heat to bring it back down in the vicinity of 175°C. 

Unfortunately I brought the heat down too much and then threw too many zucchini pieces in the pot, so that I ended up with chips that were not quite as crunchy as I would have liked. The second and third batches, on the other hand, were wonderful and crunchy and well loved by all. I added sumac and cumin to the mix but to be honest I couldn't really taste either in the final product. 

Of course it would have been wrong to tip the rest of the Stella Artois down the sink and so a sneaky beer in the evening was my little cooking bonus tonight x

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