Tuesday, March 6, 2012

131/656 - Herb and pumpkin soup

After overloading on way too much food over the last few months I am on a mission to cook myself light, healthy carb-free meals. Only for a short while of course, and only until I shrink down to my regular size, pre eating frenzy.

Stephanie's herb and pumpkin soup was the first healthy cab off the rank. This recipe produced a HUGE quantity which should cover me for a few days worth of lunches and snacks. Don't be fooled by the drool-worthy garlic croutons you see in the picture. They were made for my boys who are definitely not watching what they are eating and would be devastated if I removed carbs from their dinner menu.

When I blend my soups I like to leave at least some texture remaining to keep things interesting, and so as we ate tonight there were still lovely little pieces of potato to be found. Now if only I could figure out a way to keep my mind off that garlic bread.

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