Wednesday, March 7, 2012

132/656 - Wilted cucumber salad

This book is crammed full of hidden, healthy treasures if you know where to look.

I am on day two of a healthy eating regime and am feeling quite pleased with my progress so far. I know it seems a little early to be patting myself on the back but willpower is not one of my strong points and so I have learned to celebrate every victory no matter how small.

After eating a bowl of left over pumpkin soup for lunch I made myself this healthy salad as I was craving something with crunch. I didn’t have any borage flowers on hand but my herbs are amazingly bushy after all the sunshine and rain we have been having so I happily tossed in a large handful.

Mid-way through demolishing the salad I decided to add a sprinkle of Spanish paprika which was mind-blowingly hot but just the bit of added flavour I was seeking. Given that it was too late to take a picture of the salad with paprika on top I thought I would add one of the paprika tin instead.

Wouldn't supermarket shopping be more enjoyable if there was more of this fabulously daggy, James Bond-esqe packaging to be found on the supermarket shelves?

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