Tuesday, March 13, 2012

135/656 - Barbecued chicken wings

Let it be said that the boys in this family like chicken. I mean they REALLY like chicken. So tonight's dinner was seen as an extra special treat that will keep me on the family pedestal for many days to come. Of course it also means happy boys and lots of hugs for me so a win-win situation!

The wings were actually cooked in the oven, tucked in a dish and slathered in a heavenly mixture of oil, hoisin, soy, sambal oelek, tomato paste, garlic, ginger and stock.  

I was literally playing with fire as they cooked, leaning into the oven with the tongs and turning them every so often. The oven was so incredibly hot I was actually yelping as I did it until my (wise) 8 year old advised that I “really should be wearing an oven mitt to do that job.” Smart kid I have there.

I was very well behaved and only ate one wing, although I think I could have happily devoured a plateful. The boys managed two each and I have been smothered in kisses since the plates were stacked so hooray for Stephanie yet again.  

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