Sunday, March 11, 2012

133/656 - Asparagus with coddled eggs

Coddled eggs in our house are usually served with salt, pepper and sage (me) or heaped with freshly grated parmesan (Jules). Henry is an experimenter and tends to change the contents of his around a bit. But after today I have a new favourite combination!

Much better than boiled eggs, the coddled variety have extra ingredients added to them prior to cooking which means plenty of flavour in the eating. Coddled eggs à la Stephanie are AMAZING! A spear of asparagus is dipped into the egg and then rolled in herbs and toasted, buttery breadcrumbs. And did I mention the dash of cream that was added to the cooked egg?

I said goodbye (temporarily) to my healthy eating regime whilst consuming this mid-afternoon snack...but it was worth it.

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