Thursday, March 29, 2012

142/656 - Fennel-seed breadsticks

I have recently taken to making our bread from scratch on an almost daily basis (industrious I know!) and stumbled across this recipe whilst reading up on fennel. Very sneaky to hide additional bread recipes in a herb chapter!

I have a little pot of saffron threads which largely sits unused on my shelf and so I was excited that a pinch was required for this recipe. I actually love saffron but most of the time I forget it is there. A bit like my tin of moghrabieh. I love it but it’s not an ingredient that springs to mind when I am planning a meal.

Stephanie advised that this recipe would work equally well fashioned into either four breadsticks or 20 dainty grissini. I was very tempted to make grissini but just knew they would be a diet disaster waiting to happen. I would most certainly have polished off a mountain of them, convincing myself each time that “they are only small and so another one will not hurt”.

So breadsticks it had to be. Stumpy little breadsticks in this case.

We had a late night taste and the fennel seed has been declared a winner. And I thought I would be in trouble with grissini in the house...

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