Sunday, March 18, 2012

137/656 - Vietnamese Mang Cua soup

I have a child that is obsessed with seafood. We were recently dining at Bokchoy Tang (which is fabulous by the way) and it took quite some effort to convince him that he could not order the live lobster. Apart from the astronomical price, we had a show to attend and did not have time to sit around while a lobster was killed for Henry's gastronomic enjoyment. 

So when he spied some lovely looking crab at the market, he asked if we might buy some to make up for the lack of lobster in his recent diet. First word problem #34...really I sometimes wish my children would understand what it really means to be deprived!

So tonight it was “so good you want to lick the bowl” Vietnamese Mang Cua soup. I was going to make the crab cakes but to be honest they sounded like slightly more effort than the soup and being a Sunday night I went for what appeared to be the easier option.

Being the slow cook that I am I was pleased that this really was a 10 minute "throw it all together and you are finished" kind of soup. The picking of the crab meat was another story of course and I will be pleased if I do not look at another crab leg in a very long time. 

Even better than satisfying Henry’s seafood craving, I was able to use a perfect little chilli from my garden tonight which I have been saving for something special. Warm fuzzies all 'round.

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