Sunday, August 4, 2013

272/984 - Slow-roasted tomatoes

Last weekend I decided to try out a margin recipe: lamb burgers on page 534. 

The burger assembly was simple enough but there certainly was a bit of prep involved! As well as the lamb burgers, there were slow-roasted tomatoes and caramelised onions to be made, and of course never wanting to keep things simple, I decided to make my own Turkish bread too. 

The caramelised onions I have made before, to top Stephanie's famous steak sandwich no less, but the tomatoes were a recipe I was yet to try. Now that I have made them, and know how unbelievably good they are, I do believe they will become a common occurence in our house! 

The tomatoes are simply brushed with oil and topped with basil before being thrown in a slow oven. I cooked mine fan-forced and found that they were beautifully cooked in under three hours. 

The Turkish bread, sadly, was another story entirely. I used Greg Malouf's recipe which I found on the SBS website, and while the recipe was fabulous and the result exactly as I had hoped for, the length of the kneading and resting time involved meant that my Turkish bread was not finished until hours after dinner had been eaten. It was my fault of course, having not read the recipe through before I started. I think this is going to be my own self-mandated performance goal for this challenge; start pre-reading recipes!

I cooked more tomatoes than we needed and so have been enjoying them on toast, in sandwiches, straight from the jar...

My beautiful, but delayed,
Turkish bread
Lamb burger with caramelised onions,
slow-roasted tomatoes and
store bought Turkish bread

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