Saturday, August 31, 2013

282/984 - Pesto

Stephanie's pesto is quite light on pine nuts and I know that every time my Mum makes this she increases the quantity.

I always follow Stephanie's recipes, only adjusting if I feel it is absolutely necessary. In this case I did not feel the need to adjust anything; the pesto was tasty and smelled amazing, if a little garlicky! I was very careful not to eat too much of this on the nights before heading in to the office. 

We ate this pesto several ways, on pasta, on toast, on vegetables. We often added extra parmesan, which I grate by blitzing in the thermomix. It doesn't look as pretty as if we grated it by hand, but we eat so much parmesan in this house I would be forever grating if I didn't break it down the industrial way.

I was going to freeze the last of this lovely little basily treat, but in the end we managed to get through it all. Just another menu staple contained in my rainbow bible. 


  1. Our most-used recipe from our Cook's Companion. Also good in mash (with fish) and on homemade pizza :)