Saturday, August 10, 2013

274/984 - Baked flaming bananas with butterscotch sauce

I am a bit behind on my blogging, with six recipes made that I am still to blog. I would normally blog my cooking in roughly the order in which it was made, but last night's dessert was such a revelation that I just could not wait to share it!

I had some colleagues over for dinner and thought I would try this dessert for the first time, even though there were elements that made me nervous. The butterscotch sauce was simple enough; cooking the sugar in the pan until it was runny and golden and then adding some water, more sugar and some cream. Possibly the yummiest sauce I have ever made, this one is destined to be remade and swirled through home made vanilla ice-cream.

As dessert time approached I lined the bananas up under the griller still in their skins. I left them in until they were quite black on both sides. It was amazing to slit the skins and discover the wonderfully soft banana inside, much easier than frying them in a pan! We quickly slit all of the bananas open and then lit the warm rum with a match. Once flamed (which was very dramatic!) the rum was poured over the bananas and then followed by the amazing butterscotch sauce.

The table went very quiet as my guests began to eat. My favourite moment of the night was when one of my guests took her first bite and said, "Oh Kate....mmm...there are no words!"

I think that says it all really. 

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