Sunday, August 11, 2013

275/984 - Satay marinade and sauce

When my sister came for dinner I tried to think of dishes that were yummy, but also a little bit healthy. Satay sauce was the decadent element of this Bang Bang chicken which I found as a margin recipe on page 300.

The satay sauce was a little thick, but I wasn't sure of the correct way to thin it: water? Coconut milk? Oil? I was enjoying my time with my sister too much and so didn't want to excuse myself to google the solution. Also it tasted good so I was not too concerned. I did google it the next day and found that hot water was the solution I was seeking. I heated the leftovers in a saucepan and drizzled in some boiling water which worked perfectly and even lightened the colour to where I think it should have been in the first place. 

I will admit I did use peanut butter instead of peanuts in the satay, due to being a bit tired from a very long day interstate the previous day. I wonder if this served to thicken the sauce more than it would have done if I had used peanuts. I guess I will find out next time I make this!

We have a friend that we know affectionately as the satay king. I am pleased to report that I think I gave the king a run for his money on this occasion and that we no longer have to wait for a visit from Arie to enjoy good satay at home. 

The following day I also made the other half of the recipe which was a satay marinade. The flavour of the marinade was incredible, and with some satay sauce on the side it was a dinner absolutely packed with flavour. My colleagues were not thrilled about the delightful smell that emanated when I heated the leftovers for my lunch and I was told that next time I brought something that smelled that good I was obligated to share. 

Fair enough too.  

Chicken cooked in the satay marinade, with a side of satay sauce. Oh yum.

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