Wednesday, August 21, 2013

277/984 - Coconut and caramel sauce

It's been a banana dessert kind of month! 

I often talk to my boys about the science in cooking, and the first step in this recipe fascinated me! Who knew that castor sugar in a saucepan over a moderate heat would turn into a gooey, yummy caramel? 

Stephanie was not kidding when she wrote that the caramel would "contort into solid lumps" when the coconut milk was added. Mine immediately went hard and spiky although melted again nicely when put back on the heat. I had some trouble getting my sauce to thicken and ended up just putting it in the fridge and hoping it would thicken as it cooled. It did.

As I prepared this dessert I was amused to watch my sister's face as I performed a trick I learned many years ago on the Curiosity Show. Poking my finger into the top of the banana I was able to divide it into neat thirds, and of course make the presentation more interesting! 

I tried grilling the skinned bananas but found that they simply went a bit hard and unappealing so I threw them in a pan with butter and loved the result! 

To finish off the plate I lightly toasted slivered almonds in a pan with some soft brown sugar for crunch; my version of a cheat's praline. So simple and ridiculously yummy.

Another dessert that made me very, very happy.

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