Sunday, August 25, 2013

279/984 - Brain, mushroom and chicken croquettes

It was a brainy entrée for my guests last night.

These lovely little croquettes took a bit of preparation and I am glad I pre-read this recipe or I would have been in all sorts of trouble! There was a lot of peeling, trimming, soaking, poaching, blending, chilling and crumbing required which I am pleased to report was all done in plenty of time before people arrived. 

I decided that one croquette per person was sufficient for a first course, but cooked some extras so that I could test the centre to ensure the chicken was cooked correctly. Once plates had been cleaned, my guests were sniffing around for more so I was happy I had made extra! It's always a lovely compliment when a second serve is requested. 

I am a huge brain fan so absolutely loved these. The inclusion of the brains ensured the croquettes remained soft inside, and the lemon zest, porcini mushrooms and marsala all added to the wonderful flavour. 

Two courses in, I was feeling very happy about this offal night!

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