Sunday, August 25, 2013

278/984 - Hungarian chopped chicken liver

What do you think this is, chopped liver? 

Last night was the occasion of the big offal dinner party and what an absolutely amazing, fabulous night it was!

Officially the third Cook's Companion mystery guest dinner, last night's table was made up of Trev's uncle and partner, my eldest son's teacher and lovely Rachael who I met on Twitter a couple of months ago. Inviting strangers to dine at my house might seem a little crazy, but meeting lovely people like Rachael and Wendy have been incredible experiences, and let's face it, 99% of the people in the world are interesting, friendly and worth meeting.

One of the intentions of last night's event was to dispel the myth that eating offal is disgusting. While the amazing people around my table were certainly not afraid to partake in nose-to-tail dining, it is my wider readership I am seeking to convince.

The plan for the amuse-bouche was originally Chinese-style glazed livers, but as I was preparing the dish I changed my mind and made chopped liver instead, mainly because I had already made the glazed livers and I was keen to try out something new. Even before I added the boiled egg and mustard, this liver fried in onion was amazing. For thermomix owners out there, you will be pleased to know that instead of passing this through a food mill I simply pulsed the mixture on speed four for a few seconds, careful not to turn it into a paste. 

Trev's uncle Gerry brought along a sweet wine to drink with this course and we all agreed that the combination was a good one. Thank you Gerry for enhancing our courses with your amazing wine knowledge! Sweet wine to start with, that's my kind of drinking style. 

A wonderful start to a wonderful night. 

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