Wednesday, November 5, 2014

386/984 - Potatoes in paper parcels

Almost four hundred recipes into this challenge, it is probably no surprise that I am starting to have a lot of trouble remembering which recipes I have actually cooked. I could have sworn I had already made this one, but looking through my records I realise it was the recipe for "mushroom en papillote" that I was remembering. 

I absolutely slathered my potatoes with butter and then added a few good pinches of river salt, cracked pepper and of course a few well placed cloves of garlic to the mix. Not trusting my folding abilities, I decided to tie up the bag with cooking twine. Possibly due to the double layer of paper, I found these needed an additional twenty minutes of cooking before they were sufficiently soft.

We ate these covered in a mound of parsley and what I loved best was the garlic flavour that had made its sneaky way into the potatoes. I wasn't game enough to chow down on a clove of garlic, but I live with a couple of brave people who did. I am told they were also fabulous.

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