Wednesday, November 19, 2014

390/984 - Spicy ginger clams

Seafood has been prominent in our house of late!

I was very excited to try this recipe which I have been eyeing off for some time. I am a bit of a ginger fiend, loving the gentle spicy flavour in savoury and sweet dishes alike. In fact I will take a dash of ginger syrup over a spoonful of sugar any time. 

With loads of onion and some lovely spices, this was a very nice meal. If I am honest, I would have liked for the ginger to be more prominent, but the family enjoyed it as it was. There was a major downside unfortunately, which was entirely my fault. As I threw the clams into the pan, a shell smashed and I must confess to finding several hard little bits of shell in my food. 


Shell notwithstanding, the clams were easily devoured. Luckily for me there was a small pile of sauce left over, which I ate for lunch the following day, along with leftover egg whites (a common occurrence in this ice-cream loving household!), chilli, bacon and Brussels sprouts. It was truly fabulous, and every bit as good as the original meal.

Leftover concoction

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