Tuesday, November 4, 2014

385/984 - Tabbouleh

Melbourne Cup Day means catching up with friends, a roaring barbecue and of course fabulous salads. 

We are lucky enough to have friends with a beautiful property that honestly makes me feel relaxed the minute I set foot in the back yard. Gazing around at the expanse of trees is incredibly calming...and of course also a wonderful backdrop for wine drinking, soccer playing and mud fights. 

Beautiful view, complete with chooks and horses
My contribution to our Cup Day table was a lovely fresh tabbouleh, one of my very favourite ways to use parsley. It takes only a few minutes to put together and is a colourful way to get the kids excited about their greens. It was one of several salads on offer, and so we ended up with plenty of leftovers to bring home and munch on over the next day or so. 

We did stop the festivities momentarily to watch the big race...but I am not sure our hearts were really in it. Mostly we were happy to be enjoying a day off together, making memories and enjoying the weather. 

Oh and just for the record, I participated in the wine drinking but left the mud flinging to the kids. Even I have my limits. 

Little mud monster


  1. The Tabbouleh looks great Kate. Reminds me of the stint in the middle east.
    Sorry we couldn't be there for the mud-fights on Tuesday!

    1. We were sorry too Ryan! Next time x