Wednesday, November 19, 2014

389/984 - Lemon roulade

With a lovely batch of fresh lemon curd in the fridge of course I had to make a lemon roulade!

This dessert was to be served to some lovely friends who came to dinner recently. I always get just a little bit nervous feeding people for the first time, but this dinner party went well; the only hiccup being that the roulade split as it was rolled. 

Of course things could have been much worse. Instead of a beautiful circular slice I ended up with a more linear effect. Pair that with some lovely home-made vanilla bean ice-cream and who is going to notice the shape of the roulade?

The base tasted absolutely wonderful and, apart from the rolling incident, was a resounding success. The texture was lovely and light and one of our guests, who professed to being very picky with desserts, requested a second serve. A lovely compliment indeed.

I will definitely make this again, perhaps in the same form, or perhaps as a light, unfilled cake served with fresh fruit and cream. 

Beautiful flowers from my guests

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