Thursday, November 27, 2014

392/1038 - Snapper in a salty meringue crust

With a newly updated version of The Cook's Companion on my bench, this was the first recipe I have tried that did not exist in this challenge just two weeks ago. 

We love fish in our house, and snapper is one of our favourites. I loved the idea of cooking it in a crust and sealing in all of those wonderful snapper juices. The fish was supposed to be 1.5kg and instead I used two that were around 1.5kg combined. Mine were not butterflied, but instead stuffed and cooked with the bones still inside. 

The stuffing was a lovely mix of tomato, olives, preserved lemons and herbs. 

The fish were covered with an egg white and salt mix.

Once the fish was cooked, the salt crust was cracked open. The fish inside was perfectly cooked after thirty minutes and oh so moist! We peeled off the crust and the skin and of course the boys couldn't help but try out the meringue crust. I wasn't game - it must have tasted like a block of salt!

This is definitely one of those recipes that sounds much more complicated than it actually is. Well worth doing...even if I am left without any table salt left in the cupboard.  

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