Tuesday, December 2, 2014

393/1038 - Scallops provençale

This little recipe has been a part of my challenge since the beginning; appearing in all three editions of The Cook's Companion.

I messed around with the recipe a little bit, largely because I had not got around to making a batch of home-made tomato sauce. Instead I substituted about half a cup of tinned tomatoes I had left over in the fridge and two fresh ones, chopped. I am sure this dish would be lovely either way, but I thought the fresh tomatoes gave the flavour a lift.

It may seem an odd combination, but I decided to serve my scallops with some steamed trout. It was gifted to us this morning by a friend who has the most incredible backyard, which includes an aquaponic set up complete with live trout. You can have a little peek at their amazing garden here. The trout was unbelievable and was a good booster for our modest little meal.

I removed the roe from the scallops and plan to do something fabulous with it tomorrow night. Just what, I have not yet decided. I will not be posting the result here, but if it is worthy, may post a pic and an overview on my Facebook page, where most of the fun happens. 

This was a quick and fabulous meal, with a wonderful combination of gently cooked vegetables. A great one for a snappy entrée. 

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