Friday, December 26, 2014

402/1038 - Lemon cordial

I was very industrious and made almost all of our Christmas presents this year.

Most of the effort went into making edible snow globes with gingerbread trees and little fondant characters (see below), but I also did a little bit of cooking to supplement the presents. The list of edible gifts included peanut butter, toasted almond muesli and some lemon cordial. I chose them because they are such easy things to make, and also because they are products that were likely to be well received by all.  

Wanting to give gifts that were fresh, I made all of these the day before Christmas. The peanut butter was a quick blitz in the thermomix of some peanuts and coconut oil. The muesli was a quick melting of honey and coconut oil and then baking it with oats, bran and nuts in a slow oven for an hour. 

The lemon cordial was also very simple - simply making sugar syrup on the stove top, adding some powdered acid and then stirring through the juice and zest. 

In a world full of people who have way too much "stuff", I loved giving presents that could be consumed, and of course I had a lot of fun creating them. 

I think I have a new Christmas tradition on my hands!

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