Sunday, December 7, 2014

394/1038 - Flathead poached with milk and tarragon

When I was in the Coventry bookstore purchasing the latest edition of this cookbook, it took a little bit of time to find and so I got into a conversation with the gentleman serving me. When he found out about this challenge he asked me about this recipe, wondering if cooking fish in milk would be nice or just a bit odd. I confessed to not yet having cooked this recipe, although I shared my previous experiences of steaming fish with milk, which I absolutely loved. 

I really don't think you can go wrong with flathead tails, we absolutely adore them and have eaten them so many different ways, which have all been wonderful. 

I love all herbs; the smell, the taste and the textures. Tarragon is a herb I don't use very often, but when I do I am reminded of how much I enjoy it's aniseed flavour and can usually be found munching on the leaves as I work. 

I did enjoy playing fish tetris as I laid the fillets into the bowl. There was exactly the right amount of space in the dish I had selected, which pleased my little perfectionist heart greatly. 

This was a fairly quick meal, with only fifteen minutes in the oven and then less than ten to make the sauce. The  table went very, very quiet as everybody began to eat, and I was amused to see each family member in turn sneak over to the stovetop for an extra spoonful of sauce.

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