Sunday, December 21, 2014

400/1038 - Salad of softboiled egg with chorizo (in lieu of bratwurst)

Today we hosted a barbecue lunch for a lovely family and I thought this salad would be a nice understated way to take my challenge to its next milestone. This was a simple little number, but with some lovely surprises inside.

I was hopelessly devoid of bratwurst today and used chorizo as a substitute. Once this was pan fried, the wonderful fat left in the pan was used to coat the croutons, along with some additional olive oil drained from my freshly made caramelised onions.

With egg yolk as dressing, this was a nice salad but not my favourite. I did like the addition of the chorizo, but perhaps it was just a bit too much sausage given that barbecued sausages were also on the lunch menu. I didn't think that through very well which is very unlike me, and I am prepared to blame this oversight on the time of year and my mind being on many other things - namely the Christmas presents I have not yet finished making! 

So three years, five months and six days since this challenge began, I have made it through four hundred recipes.

Not too shabby.

Caramelised onions...always a favourite

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