Sunday, December 14, 2014

397/1038 - Mrs Atkins' marvellous fruit slice

One of my lovely friends organised a Christmas get together at the park, complete with Santa and presents for all the kids. All we had to do was to turn up with some drinks and a plate of food and gorgeous Emma organised everything else, including these lovely little Christmas cupcakes which were just as tasty as they were beautiful. 

I thought I would make little Molly cakes, except I realised I did not have any orange juice. I settled instead for this fabulous slice, which was so very easy to make and tasted absolutely wonderful. My fruit choices included sultanas, currants, raisins and some citrus peel for a little bit of added zing. 

I think I may have cooked the butter and sugar for longer than was necessary on the stove top and so found that I was able to reduce the baking time by around ten minutes. 

When providing food for other people and their children to eat, I am always conscious of unknown allergies and sensitivities. Following the lead provided by the school my children attend, I have taken to providing a list of ingredients when I bake for events such as these, so that people can feel comfortable eating my food, not having to ask first what is inside.

Quite Christmassy with the dried fruit and mixed peel inside, this is a great recipe when you are looking for a very quick, and not super sweet, belly filler.  

I absolutely adore December. It's such a busy month, but who doesn't love all of the food, champagne, catch ups and good cheer? 


  1. This looks like a slice my granny used to make. She called it chinese chew and we loved it!