Saturday, December 20, 2014

399/1038 - Simple lemon slice

If there were to be only one fruit left in the world (a possibility with bees on the decline!), I would wish it to be lemons. 

Lemons are wonderful with both sweet and savoury. They spice up my water and make wonderful cordial. Even the peel is amazing, the zest livening up custards, salads and cakes alike. 

I am so pleased that this challenge includes twenty two lemon and lime recipes (yes, I adore limes too!) and that I have only made ten of them to date, leaving plenty of lemony goodness in my future.

This particular lemon slice is so ridiculously quick and simple to make, it may well join the bank of recipes I have permanently stuck to my fridge. I cooked this in a loose bottomed tin and was proud of myself for remembering to sit it on a baking tray when placing it in the oven. I was caught once using this tin sans tray, and popping the tart out of the tin on its way out of the oven. Never again! 

We had a little guest here tonight and he very much approved of this dessert, sneaking downstairs with my son seeking a second serve. Only a small slice was plenty for the rest of us and so I am looking forward to enjoying this for at least the next couple of days.  

A big, fat stamp of approval for this recipe! 

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