Thursday, December 11, 2014

396/1038 - Crisp-skinned duck with Sichuan pepper-salt

My goodness, how amazing is crispy duck?

We are a duck loving family and every now and then we feast on this wonderful bird. This is the first time I have fried duck and even though there was some guilt involved, the incredible eating experience made it all worth while.

I had to butcher my own duck and, probably due to my less than sharp knife, it was not as easy as I thought it would be. As I hacked I kept apologising to the bird, feeling bad for not treating it's little carcass with more respect. Maybe it's time to drop those Christmas present hints for an extra special (read: expensive) kitchen knife...

The marinade smelled amazing and with loads of ginger, soy and rice wine vinegar, the flavour had well and truly seeped though after only a couple of hours. After frying, the duck was oven baked and I found that less than half the recommended time was plenty.

The duck was finished off with freshly made Sichuan pepper-salt and a good squeeze of lime, which lifted the flavour to a whole new level. Served on a bed of kale and cauliflower, this was an incredible dinner...and I have a carcass left over to make some yummy stock!


Duck stock on the go...

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