Friday, November 21, 2014

Supersize me...

I never thought I would buy the same book three times...and yet here we are.

With a wedding to attend on the weekend, I decided on The Cook's Companion as our gift to the happy couple. Mid-purchase, I realised I couldn't bear to buy the latest version of this book for somebody else and not for myself! Given the length of time between the second and third version, I am (reasonably) confident that this will be the last book I will need to buy in order to complete this challenge. Of course only time will tell.

Along with the prospect of a lengthier challenge came a couple of new chapters, amended chapter titles (mushrooms became mushrooms and truffles, rock lobsters became rock lobsters and scampi), tweaks and additions to recipes and a change to the colour of the ribbon markers. The colour change may seem insignificant to anybody else, but to someone who looks at this book on an almost daily basis, this is a welcome amendment! I very much approve of the green and purple.

Just to be tricky, there are quite a few recipes that have moved around. Some have moved chapters (cannoli has  moved from cheese to chocolate), some have slipped into the margin (e.g. slow roasted tomatoes) and some have been tweaked and given new names. Given that this is my challenge and I get to make up all of the rules, I decided to keep both versions of any recipes that have had significant change. Expect to see a slightly improved version of a Greek salad very soon...

So from an initial challenge with 656 984 with the purchase of the second book, the magic number is now 1,038. 

What's an additional 54 recipes? Only about a year of cooking. No biggie. 

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