Sunday, November 23, 2014

391/1038 - Hare pasta sauce

With a rabbit in my hot little hand, procured from a trip to the Queen Vic market, I decided to cheat and use it in this recipe for hare pasta sauce. 

On the day I made this we were heading across town to celebrate the first birthday of a little friend. Knowing we would not return home until late in the afternoon, I decided to begin this recipe in the morning, ready to be finished off for a quick and easy dinner when we returned home. 

Given that my rabbit was a wild one and a bit on the small side, I used the entire bunny in this recipe rather than just the hind legs. The baking took around ninety minutes and then the contents of the casserole dish were transferred to the fridge until we returned home. 

After the party I set to stripping the meat from the bones. The sauce was still a touch too thin, and so rather than boiling it down I heated it very gently and added enough cornflour to make a rich, thick sauce. 

The boys ate this with pasta but I was just not in the mood for it. Instead my bowl was filled with steamed vegetables and topped with the meat and this delicious sauce.

One little bunny, two handfuls of pasta and a bucket of steamed vegetables was plenty to satisfy this little family of four. 

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