Wednesday, October 29, 2014

384/984 - Scots' shortbread with ground rice

Oh shortbread, how it beckons!

I absolutely adore a good shortbread and have had a difficult time restraining myself while this batch has resided in my biscuit tin. 

If I make this again I will seriously consider a small, dainty shape as opposed to mega-finger sized. A whole shortbread finger is a lot to consume and it takes a bit of work to convince the boys to break them in half. If I am honest, making these smaller would benefit me too! When it comes to sugary treats willpower is not one of my strong suits.

As per my post for chestnut Mont Blanc, I broke up some of this wonderful shortbread to add to a  recent dinner party dessert. 

Such a versatile little biscuit x 

Chestnut Mont Blanc with shortbread, double chocolate
cake and chestnut praline.

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