Sunday, October 5, 2014

371/984 - Chicken congee

Technically my rice could have been a bit mushier in this congee, but this dinner was so incredibly fabulous I didn't mind a bit!

Such a simple meal to put together, the chicken is poached in stock and then the stock (and a bit of wonderful fresh ginger) is used to cook the rice until it is wonderfully soft and mushy. 

Throw the chicken in bowls, top with the congee, some spring onions, chilli and the most INCREDIBLE sauce and you have one very happy family. I served this with a plate of steamed choi sum, carrots and capsicum which were all fabulous dipped in the juices and sauce. 

The best bit though, is that I have enough leftovers to serve again tomorrow night, and chicken bones to make stock for day three. How great is that? 

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