Thursday, October 23, 2014

377/984 - Coriander and mint sauce

The evolution of this sauce was certainly an amusing insight into the way I cook!

I made this to go with lamb shanks and we all agreed that the flavour was amazingly intense (in a good way) and that we loved the wonderful, bright green colour. It was later in the evening, once the dinner plates had been stacked away, that I realised I had not added the yoghurt! 

The problem was that the recipe said to blend everything together, bar the yoghurt and salt. If only I had a dollar for every time I forgot to perform the final step of a recipe, I would be a very rich lady indeed! Parsley that is chopped and not sprinkled, coriander that is forgotten at the last name it, I have done it. 

So I decided to add the yoghurt to see what the sauce was supposed to taste like - and it was fabulous! I ate some raw capsicum with it and found that it was mild enough to be used as a dip. Last night I steamed some rainbow trout for dinner, and added the sauce to the rice, along with a dash of chilli sauce and soy. Yum! 

Lessons learned - 1) read recipes to the end, and 2) Enjoy the different variations that come from these funny little mistakes. 

POST SCRIPT! This sauce is also fabulous as one element of my newly created amuse-bouche, complete with mini coconut pancakes and a prawn on top. Loved these!

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