Tuesday, October 14, 2014

374/984 - Aunt Elva's apple cake

Trev's grandpa requested an apple dessert for his special lunch and with only three recipes left in the apple chapter the choice was not difficult to make!

As the name of the recipe suggests, this was supposed to be a cake, but my version didn't quite work out that way. I found the "dough" to be quite wet and was concerned that it wouldn't hold together. Also as I spread it on the base I decided that I wouldn't have enough to split it in half and create a top for the pie, so I used the entire amount on the base instead.

I baked this as instructed but then left it in the oven as long as I dared to ensure my slightly thicker base was cooked through. The taste was quite nice, but as anticipated, did not hold together very well. Thankfully I had also whipped up some vanilla ice-cream which meant that the dessert was quite lovely, although perhaps more crumble than cake. 

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