Monday, October 27, 2014

382/984 - Chestnut Mont Blanc

A chestnut Mont Blanc sounded like a lovely way to finish a dinner party. I couldn't help but play around with the plating and textures, adding a couple of additional elements to the traditional dessert of chestnut puree and cream.

My final selection of flavours included:
  • Chestnut puree
  • Whipped cream 
  • Double chocolate friendship cake
  • Shortbread
  • Sugared chestnuts
I do not have much patience for peeling chestnuts and so was seeking some that I could buy pre-peeled and frozen. Unfortunately I left my shopping until the day of the dinner party and so didn't leave myself enough time to head to Leo's in Kew, and had to make do with a very expensive tinned version instead. No matter, the result was still fabulous and I was able to create a consistency that could be piped, albeit a bit awkwardly.

The friendship cake is standard fare in my house, with my starter now more than five months old. This was my double choc version, with cocoa and bittersweet choc bits making it an irresistible dessert. I usually add orange zest as well to create a lovely jaffa flavour, but left it out on this occasion.

The shortbread was home-made and will feature in my next blog post, so no need to go on about it here!

Lastly, I covered broken chestnuts with sugar and baked them in the oven, finishing them off with extra sugar and a blast with the blowtorch.

I really liked this dessert, with a bit of crunch here and there and plenty of gentle flavours that worked nicely together. 

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