Friday, January 1, 2016

491/1038 - Sally Clarke's oatmeal biscuits for cheddar cheese

For the second year in a row, I opted to make all of the Christmas presents for our families. This year, however, I decided to reduce the amount of sweet things in my packages, replacing them with a couple of new savoury elements I thought would be well received. 

The shining star of my gifts, in my opinion, were the chickpeas I roasted with honey, rosemary and chilli salt. I made more than I needed and confess that I ate the remainder in record time, so enamoured was I with them. 

Oatmeal biscuits were another of my savoury elements and I paired these with a small hunk each of Edam and Camembert. I have been enjoying these myself with tasty cheese, enjoying the fact that they are more oat than wheat, and therefore easier for my crazy body to digest. 

As much as my family love chocolate truffles and gingerbread, I think my sweet and savoury packages were a hit! 

Gifts made with love are definitely the best ones x

Roasted chickpeas with rosemary, honey and chilli salt. Delicious!

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