Friday, January 8, 2016

493/1038 - Farro, potato and leafy greens soup (but with spelt)

Still trying to make up for the very bad eating I did over the Christmas/New Year period, tonight's dinner (yes I have eaten dinner already) was this fabulously healthy soup. 

We plucked a rather large chilli from the garden over a week ago and so of course I had to add the entire thing into the soup. It was mostly fine, only one VERY hot mouthful made my eyes water! 

I have spoken before of my overflowing pantry, and it was for this reason the farro/spelt substitution occurred. Having only ever used spelt in its ground form to make bread, boiling it and eating in it in a soup was a first for us. (For the record, it was lovely!) Given that it takes around an hour to soften, this step was undertaken yesterday as I ran lines with an actor friend; it's amazing we heard the alarm on the stove go off as we guffawed our way through some of the funnier segments of the play. 

One of my family's favourite little snacks, flatbreads, was my labour of love today. I just knew they would taste wonderful with this soup and so the effort to make them was well worth it. The dough is ridiculously fast to make, it's the cooking that takes ages! Always with two pans going at once, it still takes some time to knock twenty of these babies out.

All in all a lovely meal, and most importantly, filled with green! x

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